NEW PRODUCTS! Multi-functional Airsoft Baton(Tonfa)!
A T-Baton combine with the airsoft gun!
NEW PRODUCTS! Raysun stun gun with Cam Recorder!
The best multi-function stun gun with cam recorder!
Close for Chinese New Year!
From 29 Jan to 4 Feb.
Raysun stun gun, Most Multi-functional Gun!
The unique & powerful multi-functional non-lethal weapon.
Close for Moon Festival Holiday.
Close for Moon Festival Holiday.
New Products! Kubotan!
Kubotan is the best defense products for life. Self-defense keychain or Self-Defense Keychain Sticks, easy carry.
Multi-Function Stun Gun
Most convenient self defense guard.
High Quality Legcuff.
440g or 610g legcuff, we can made the legcuff as your requirement.
Our Youtube!
There are some stun gun video in our Youtube, please feel free to visit our Youtube!
Stun Baton with super powerful voltage 300,000KV
Our stun baton have super powerful voltage, and it can also hit people. It is made by stainless and ABS, very strong and very easy to use.
Powerful stun gun with 300,000V
Super powerful stun gun which have excellent quality and made in Taiwan.
High Quality Handcuff.
Our handcuffs are all made in Taiwan. High quality and very good price. Contact us to know more information.
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