Stun Baton, PILI-188K

Stun BatonPILI-188K
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  1. Baton type, Strong structure, 300KV shock not only can repel criminals but also can hit criminals, or can use in the air to scare the criminals.
  2. It can bear chop of knives and hits.
  3. Made by one piece stainless steel.
  4. Use stainless steel metal plates, the power of a strong electric shock.
  5. Have shocking safety switch, you don’t need to worry about you will press the shocking switch accidentally.
  6. Very easy to operate, and easy to carry, can put on the car or home, it is the best defense tool! It is very suitable for security company, military, police and so on.
  7. Have one year warranty in normal use.
  • Super powerful shock.
  • Can be used to hit attachker. Can resist knife.
  • Safety switch.
  1. Material: ABS and Stainless Steel.
  2. Shock: 300KV
  3. Safety switch
  4. Size: 390 x 48 x 35mm
  5. Use 3pcs 9V Alkaline battery
  6. Weight: 700g
  7. Holster x1
  8. Delicate color package.