Extendable Baton, PSD

Extendable Baton'PSD 21" 26" 31" 33"
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  1. PSD is made in Taiwan.
  2. PSD rejection stick is divided into two kinds, one is basic models and other one is electroplated FI paragraph. Process-inch, wake up. The surface of basic model is black chrome or white chrome. The surface of electroplated FI model is plated FI alloy.


  • Basic models surface is black chrom and white chrom. The grip can be devided into two kinds, one is sponge grip and other one is PU non-slip grip.

◊ Black(B) surface is black chrome color appeared after processing, coupled with the prominent gold laser engraving, showing remarkable oppressive momentum.

◊ White chrome silver(HS) surface after processing, showing a clean the cold not defile mirror silver.

  • FI alloy cladding type, The grip can be devided into two kinds, one is sponge grip and other one is PU non-slip grip.
◊ The characteristics of titanium is good texture and high hardness, has the effect of enhanced hardness of the surface resistance to scratching. In addition, the titanium metal anti-acid corrosion, but also anti-oxidant function. The color were ilmenite gray(IR), rose gold(RG), mirror gold(TG).

◊ Illmenite gray(IR), the illmenite gray is the most popular color, but not eye-catching dark gray exterior exudes the authority of the moment of one than words can say.

◊ Mirror gold(TG), drilling and surface gold exudes the one noble aristocracy can not climb exceptionally  eye-catching rich and powerful momentum. Lighting placed in better bring out the noble momentum.

◊ Rose gold(RG), color between ilmenite gray and gold, mild color, giving the feeling of a mysterious , elegant, flexible band.
  • Material: steel stick and sponge grip(or PU non-slip grip)/li>
  • Size: 21"/ 26"/ 31"/ 33"/li>
  • Stick color: Black(B), Silver(S), Rose gold(RG), Titanium Gray(TG), Mirror Gold(TG)/li>
  • Weight: 21" 425g / 26"5000g / 31"620g / 33"660g 33"660g (±10g)/li>
  • PSD Break Device, PSD Wrist Strap/li>
  • Break Device(SH-6013-1), LED flashlight(SH-6013)