NEW PRODUCTS! Raysun stun gun with Cam Recorder!

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  1. “Raysun X-1 Plus” integrated Cam Recorder, Laser pointer and powerful LED light, allowing A/V recording, illuminating, aiming & dazing target.
  2. Support 8 different purposes cartridges.
  3. Specially designed DC high voltage with low current output, which is much safer than traditional AC high voltage which may cause Ventricular Fibrillation to human body or other unexpected dangerous situations. Providing powerful spark and crackling sound to psychologically threaten the invader.
  4. Built-in powerful LED light, featuring aiming & giddiness functions. Optional laser aimer bulb for replacing original LED bulb as required, user can replace it by oneself.
  5. Safety plug-pin with wrist strap for anti-rob or unauthorized usage.
  6. Construct of robust carbon composite material to withstand 1.5m drop.
  7. Easy to operate/usage, no need any complex set-up procedure, only simple training will be enough.


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