Multi-functional Airsoft Baton(Tonfa)

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Multi-functional Airsoft Baton(Tonfa)SH-T3
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* Powered by CO2 gas. (No ammunition Is used)

* Provide Semi-Auto shooting.

* Use Tonfa technique in defense.

* Support various types of balls.

  • An effective weapon to integrate tonfa with air soft gun in one device.
  • Construct of reinforced aluminum alloy with glass fiber housing for extreme durability. The versatility and dexterity of holding Tonfa in many ways makes tonfa one of the top 18 Chinese weapons.
  • If used as an airsoft gun, Raysun T-3 can continue to fire various types of balls such as pepper ball, rubber ball, paint ball and training balls according to your purpose once powered by CO2 gas with muzzle velocity up to 355 FPS (110m/sec). With capability to make blasting sound as threatening if no ball is installed on magazine.
  • The most effective non-ammunition weapon  provides defense, attack and destroy missions. 
  • The application includes anti-riot control, patrol, intimidating and self-defense…etc.
  • Build-in a Picatinny rail allows the use with LED tactical flashlight, video recorder or IR laser aimer according to specific purpose.
  • Unique safety switch design. (Green: lock; Red: armed)
  1. Material: Aluminum alloy, fiber glass, reinforced artificial resin
  2. Length of shaft: 60cm
  3. Handle height: 18cm
  4. Shaft diameter: 32mm
  5. Ball caliber: 17mm(0.68inch)
  6. Magazine capacity: 7 rounds
  7. Shooting mode: One shot, Semi-Auto
  8. Power: 12g CO2 (able to give 14 shots)
  9. Muzzle velocity: 355FPS(110m /sec)
  10. Effective range: 25m
  11. Weight: 1.1kg