Extendable Stun Gun, SH-5M

Extendable Stun GunSH-5M
  • Product Description
  • Product Specification
  1. Multifunctional stretchable stun baton with electric shock, alarm and flashlight.
  2. 120KV shock can repel criminals or can use in the air to scare the criminals.
  3. Ergonomic Grip, the grip of SH-5M is very fit your hand, you can hold the stun gun very easy.
  4. 120db high pith tone, you can activate a high pith alarm to scare off a potential attacker and summon help.
  5. Have high illumination provides a convenient source of light whenever you need it and eliminates the need to carry a heavy, bulky flashlight. The flashlight can Adjust focus lens.
  6. Use rechargeable battery, charge the battery by rechargeable cord.
  7. Very easy to operate, and easy to carry, can put on the car or home, it is the best defense tool! It is very suitable for security company, military, police and so on.
  8. Have one year warranty in normal use.
  2. SHOCK: 120 KV
  3. SHRINK LENGTH: 330mm
  4. STRETCH LENGTH: 530mm
  5. Flashlight: PHilips KPR118 100liumen krypton lamp, adjustable focus lens.
  6. ALARM: 120db
  7. 6pcs AAA rechargealbe batteries or 1pc 9V alkaline battery
  8. WEIGHT: 450g (with battery)
  9. Bag
  10. Delicate color box