Cell Phone Stun Guns, SH-TI20

Cell Phone Stun GunSH-TI20
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  1. Multi-Functional Cell Phone Masked Stun Gun with 3 function, include shock, alarm and flashlight.
  2. 120KV shock can repel criminals or use in the air and scare the criminals.
  3. High illumination with three super bright focusing LEDs effective distance reaches up to 20 meters. It is a convenient source of light whenever you need it and eliminates the need to carry a heavy, bulky flashlight.
  4. Anti-robbery pin, the electric shock will be disabled immediately when the anti-robbery pin is pulled out, no matter the power is on or off, and then the siren will be activated automatically and can’t stop until the pin is placed back on the stun gun.
  5. 100db high pith tone, you can activate a high pith alarm to scare off a potential attacker and summon help.
  6. Lightweight and small size design allow you to put into the pocket, bag or placed in the car, very easy to operate, the best defense tool for women or children at night or early morning.
  7. Have one year warranty in normal use.
  • Phone type stun gun.
  • 100db Alarm.
  • LED flashlight.
  • Light weight.
  1. Material: ABS and Steel.
  2. Shock: 100KV
  3. Anti-robbery alarm: 100db
  4. Safety switch
  5. LED Flashlight
  6. Size: 137 x 44 x 32mm
  7. Weight: 110g
  8. Holster x1
  9. Delicate color package.
  10. Use 2pcs CR123A lithium battery